Monday, March 26, 2007


Later today I am going to go to the gym with Pancho- yes he's finally coming back to the gym after an extended break. I'm pretty happy about it, though I'm not feeling too great (I haven't been sleeping well- allergies in the season change make it hard to breathe.)

At the risk of sounding like a total ass that always talks about his muscles or how much he lifts I'm changing up a couple goals from my original February 8th post on fitness and weight loss goals.

I've lost weight and look like I have, but not drastically so (15 pounds isn't that big a difference when you are well over 200) I've lost an inch from my gut and a half inch at my neck. So, it looks like weight loss goals should be good to go. None of my other upper body measures have changed. Biceps and chest are both still the same. I think that reaching my bicep goal is going to be a stretch.
I figured lower body I wouldn't put on much muscle since my legs are already kind of big from carrying around a big fat guy. My calves are a bit bigger (maybe half an inch each) so the goal there is doable but possibly a stretch. The thing that really surprised me was the gain I've made in my upper legs. My quads and hamstrings are noticeably stronger and I've already reached my goal for my thighs.
So, all goals for where I want to be by December 30th are saying the same except-
Neck: 16" (original goal was 16.5")
Thighs: 28" each (original goal was 26" each)

I think all my goals are certainly possible. I will have to do a bit more cardio than I'm doing to keep losing weight- now that it's getting nice outside (once the allergens die down a bit) I can run outdoors instead of just getting on a treadmill. I'm still trying to do better with what I'm eating. I still eat junk- but I'm trying to eat less of it and eat more quality foods. Overall I think my progress is pretty good but if I want to keep it up I probably need to work harder than I am.

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