Friday, March 30, 2007


yeah, I know I said I couldn't wait till May and that I didn't care about all the great music coming out over the last couple weeks and that all I care about is waiting for Bjork and Tori.

but I lied

I want to buy a whole crapton of albums
this one
and this one
oh, and also this one
& this one (for when I feel like cutting)
& this (despite the mixed reviews)
I think I want this one (it's a whole lot different than his last one, at least what I can tell from the one song I've heard. Granted that song was about 3 hours long)
I also want this (even if she does sound like she's trying too hard to chanel Sugarcubes era Bjork)
I also think I want this one.

Oh, and I almost forgot bout this, I downloaded it illicitly what seems like a year ago since it wasn't available here in the USofA- now the American version apparently has some new content. (and not only am I a sucker for new content, I feel kind of bad about having stolen it last year) Though it's not really exciting and new anymore, it is quite fun. I think it's driving with the windows and sunroof open while summer blissfully approaches type of album

All this stuff and when I stopped by Guestroom last week I bought the new K-OS album over all of them. What the hell was I thinking?

I'm too broke to buy all this stuff.
Crap- I could buy more stuff back when I worked for the man. Maybe I should call him up and see if he needs a shill.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

i am a big, fat, slow guy

Well the weather cleared up and dried out a bit, I got an email from my prof saying class was canceled for this afternoon, and I thought "Hey, I can go running!"

And it was a reminder that I am a big, fat, slow guy. I'm a little ashamed that it takes me about 23 minutes to "run" 2 miles. Really it was more of a walk a bit run a bit then walk than a run. But after the first mile I switched the ipod from The Who to Mastodon which helped me at least walk purposefully and feel like a badass.

freakin thunderstorms!

My sleep schedule being out of whack lately I went to bed extremely early last night and then got up before 4 this morning. I decided to just stay up- I got to read my scriptures, goof around on the net, and eat a delicious breakfast (steak and egg fajitas) with tons of protein (it's strange to have eaten about 90 grams before 5 am)

I thought that I'd take a couple hours to goof around on the net and wait for it to be sunny outside before I hit the street to do actual running rather than pretend running on a machine inside a building. But instead of getting sunny it's gotten thunderstormy. A nice and warm 68 degrees is kind of offset by the 20mph winds, the torrential down pouring of rain, and the lightening. (If not for the thunder and lightening I might just go anyway- I think it would be fun to jog a couple miles and then come back home and jump right into a nice hot shower)

Well... maybe I'll just play some ddr or something. I haven't done that in ages.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

best... t-shirt... ever

Ready Made let me know about a flicker stream of T-Shirts seen at SXSW. And I think that, by far, this one is my favorite.

(and for the record, I do not, in fact, hate Mr. Bjork.)

239 and a half

At the gym I was just a bit heavier than 239 and a quarter and a bit lighter than 239 and a half.

Somehow I'm still making progress.

The gym totally kicked my butt though- I was fine until near the end. I tried to do too much on my tricep pull downs and then again at the very end with the hammer curls. Which left me light headed and then nauseas. It wasn't too bad, but it kept me from eating as much as I would have liked to post workout. (I'm still not really getting enough protein.)

It was good to have Pancho there again. I don't go consistently when he can't go, and my workouts are usually a little better when I go with someone.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fat Rant

Meta posted the "Fat Rant" video over at her blog Girls That Eat Pizza You should go check it out.

I agree with the message overall. "Diets" don't work because a drastic temporary change can have drastic results- but they'll be temporary.

Diet should be about eating better forever, exercise should be something we always do as part of an active life. When we make small changes our progress is going to be more gradual, but I think it is more likely to be permanent.

I somewhat disagree with the video in that I do think that it is possible to overcome genetics to some extent, though I do agree that some people just aren't designed to be tiny thin (just like others aren't designed to be extremely huge bodybuilders.)

I think her point that we should accept who we are is great, but a lot of people with that attitude miss the part about "if you're already eating better and exercising" I know I've used the "Well I'm just fat and can't do anything about it" excuse and it just serves to make you unhappy as much as trying to be a body type that you aren't does.

The point from the video that I love is that all of us need to go out and live our lives no matter where we are. We can't let being too fat get in the way. I think it's one of many things we use to stop ourselves from living. It isn't just "once I lose weight" I can do this, it's:
"Once I get this place cleaned up I can decorate (have people over, work on other stuff... etc)"
"Once I can stop smoking then I'll go back to church"
"Once I can get good at this game, then I'll play with other people"
and a whole host of others.
I know I'm guilty of doing those sorts of things. Often we put up these barriers and
we don't change them because then we'd have to face everything else. Sometimes we want to face other things, but those initial barriers we set up are so overwhelming we don't know where to start. And a lot of the barriers we set up actually keep us from removing those barriers. Being worried what people will think of the fat and/or weak guy at the gym or the pool ensures you're always going to be the fat and weak guy everywhere.

Pancho is worse about these things than I am- and it's hard in the fitness department because he's in much worse shape than I am. Being 6'1" and 240 you can kind of pretend you aren't that fat. But you can't really do the same at 5'9" and 300. At that point he really just gets depressed in that it seems insurmountable and that he isn't really making progress that seems significant. A lot of the cardio options are too hard on his knees- but he won't go swimming. He doesn't swim well but he refuses to learn. He doesn't want to be the dumbass that doesn't know how to swim- and more than that he doesn't want to be the fatass that should know better than to be in public without a shirt on. It's frustrating because I think that swimming would be really good for both of us. I really do love the guy like a brother, he's one of my best friends in the world and it's hard to see him unhappy with life. I hope he can start making some real progress and feel better about himself (and I hope that my progress can continue or increase as well)

I'll continue to post about my progress here. Even though few people read it- I think that it keeps me accountable a little more than if I weren't posting.


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Monday, March 26, 2007


Later today I am going to go to the gym with Pancho- yes he's finally coming back to the gym after an extended break. I'm pretty happy about it, though I'm not feeling too great (I haven't been sleeping well- allergies in the season change make it hard to breathe.)

At the risk of sounding like a total ass that always talks about his muscles or how much he lifts I'm changing up a couple goals from my original February 8th post on fitness and weight loss goals.

I've lost weight and look like I have, but not drastically so (15 pounds isn't that big a difference when you are well over 200) I've lost an inch from my gut and a half inch at my neck. So, it looks like weight loss goals should be good to go. None of my other upper body measures have changed. Biceps and chest are both still the same. I think that reaching my bicep goal is going to be a stretch.
I figured lower body I wouldn't put on much muscle since my legs are already kind of big from carrying around a big fat guy. My calves are a bit bigger (maybe half an inch each) so the goal there is doable but possibly a stretch. The thing that really surprised me was the gain I've made in my upper legs. My quads and hamstrings are noticeably stronger and I've already reached my goal for my thighs.
So, all goals for where I want to be by December 30th are saying the same except-
Neck: 16" (original goal was 16.5")
Thighs: 28" each (original goal was 26" each)

I think all my goals are certainly possible. I will have to do a bit more cardio than I'm doing to keep losing weight- now that it's getting nice outside (once the allergens die down a bit) I can run outdoors instead of just getting on a treadmill. I'm still trying to do better with what I'm eating. I still eat junk- but I'm trying to eat less of it and eat more quality foods. Overall I think my progress is pretty good but if I want to keep it up I probably need to work harder than I am.

Friday, March 23, 2007


I haven't been consistent in going to the gym - Pancho not wanting to go, my little brother being in town, and lots of other little excuses have kept me away. I have been eating less, but not necessarily better. So, going to the gym today I knew I'd lost weight but doubted that all of it was fat.

I really need to strengthen my lower back, because it's holding me back on leg days. Even when I'm using proper form as much as possible it seems I make my lower back sore when doing enough to really work my legs. (Plus, I still have trouble going low enough in a squat without bending forward too much.) Squats and deadlifts I feel it in my lower back. I switched from deadlifts to just doing the hamstring leg extension machine- and it worked out fairly well. About halfway through my sets my legs felt really good.
I feel like my calves have gotten weaker and if I have lost muscle some of it is from my calves. I need to not just eat less but watch my diet better to get enough protein, and then I need to be more consistent at heading to the gym.

I went to target post workout (being nasty and sweaty wasn't too bit a deal since it was still well before 9 and hardly any one was there- but I still felt like maybe I should just wait until I wasn't gross to go) and got a few things including some cheap steaks (which will make a very nice friday afternoon spring break lunch) and a chefmate crockpot which I'm going to use to bake some no knead bread. (I'm not cutting out carbs too much, just trying to eat good protein and veggies along with the carbs) I'll try to take some pictures to show how it turned out (since I think I'm the last person in the blogosphere to try the no knead bread, I doubt anyone really cares.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


May 1st?
May 7th?

But I don't want to wait two months.
I recognize wanting to get albums from artists I loved in the 90s rather than what the cool kids are listening to now makes me a dinosaur (and I suppose with it being these two particular artists I imagine some would assume a gay dinosaur) but I don't really care. I'm a crotchety old man annoyed by these kids today and their dang music. And that's how I like it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

yeah.... about that.

OK, so my going to gym for leg day thing didn't really happen till last night. So, I spent pretty much all week not in the gym. And I ate crappy. Lots of fast food, not great choices at home, and then a horrible eating extravaganza at Temezcal (pretty good local Mexican place) last night with Pancho, D-Train and The Thrill. (only D-Train actually uses that nickname- but I'm not going to use the real names of people who don't blog or who blog semi-anonymously. It does mean I have to occasionally make up stupid nicknames for people. you know, like "The Thrill")
The four of us drove to Tulsa earlier in the day so that we could pick up the piano Pancho bought on ebay. We all rode up in The Thrill's accord and then Pancho rented a U-Haul one way. The transport of said upright grand was a lot easier than expected- having four people really made it possible. Had it just been two of us it would have sucked big time. Pancho and I went back in the U-Haul and D-Train and The Thrill followed in the accord.

Anyway, long story slightly less long when we got back to Norman with everything put away and the U-Haul turned in we had to go get a big dinner to hang out/celebrate/uhm... not really sure why we had to, but we certainly had to.

Now that all those excuses are out of the way it leads me to my disappointing news that when I did go to the gym quite late at night the scale read a not so shocking 248. After losing about ten pounds I've gained almost 3 back.

New week new start. By the end of the week I want to be back at 245
I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


OK, back just over half a pound- and now at about 246. Yeah... so I haven't been to the gym in a few days and haven't been good over the weekend in my eating practices.

But- that's cool. I'm all about being back into going to the gym even when Pancho can't go. I'm excited for leg day tomorrow, it should be fun.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stupid consequences of past decisions.

As I go through my (far too last minute) law school application process and think about where I want to go to school I realize all the east coast options will be freakin cold for at least a couple months.

I asked Smash about DC and she said this about the weather:

So, on average, I'd say it's unbearably cold for 1.5-2 months and then just uncomfortably cold for the rest of the winter. You will manage--we all do.

But I don't want any unbearable cold. I want a month or two of uncomfortable cold with the rest of the winter on the cool side of pleasant. I want to live in NorCal in the freakin bay area.
You know, if I had just done my work and taken school seriously and gotten a 3.7 I could go to Berkeley. Berkeley people. A 3.7 would put me at their 25th% for grade point and with my lsat at their 75th% it would put me right about in the middle of their accepted students and give me a pretty good shot.
Sure, I could possibly go to Hastings. But Hastings is in one of the most ghetto parts of SanFran and I'd be a whole lot less likely to land a good job in the area after graduation.

Maybe I should just go to Arizona State and live in Phoenix. Phoenix isn't bad, right? I wouldn't feel like I'm missing out by not being in NYC or DC right? Maybe if I keep telling myself that I'll eventually believe it.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A day late...

and three points short.

I got my LSAT score last night rather than today, so although I was planning on posting about that today- I actually could have posted last night once I got it.

I did fairly well. I'm two or three points lower than where I wanted to score, but I still scored well enough that I am quite happy with the score and am pretty sure I will get in some of the places where I applied/am applying. Now I'll get to hurry and turn in a few more applications to places with March 15th deadlines and then play the waiting game to see who lets me in.

I'll make sure to tell the internet where I get in, or at least where I end up deciding to go.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Poriton control

I totally forgot to mention getting a kitchen scale. While grocery shopping at the Super Target I bought a kitchen scale so that I could measure portions better. I got an electric one that also has nutritional info built in (for about 1000 different foods, you can add 99 more custom foods.) You type in the code for the food you want and it tells you the weight and all the basic USDA nutritional data for that specific amount of that food. The thing that makes it really cool is storing the info into a running total so you can pretty easily get a total for a meal or for an entire day.
It's smaller than the picture makes it look, but it seems to work really well. The biggest reason for the scale was to make sure I'm getting enough protein. I know that I've been falling short of the recomended 1g-2g of protein for each pound of body weight when trying to build muscle.
So, the new toy may mean I start a more accurate food journal which may show up here from time to time.

245 and a quarter

My legs will certainly be sore later today and tomorrow, (and probably Saturday as well) but right now they feel great. I know I can squat more than I am right now, but I don't want to risk injury while I'm still working on form there. By the end of the year I want to be squatting 300 which should be eminently do-able. People much smaller than me lift more than that. It's far outside of powerlifter territory for a guy my size but it's still a good bit of weight.

I'm staying solid in the weight loss. Today the scale wasn't even half a pound lower- I suppose I can't really expect to have lost a whole pound or even half a pound in just a day or day and a half. The scale says I'm just a smidge over 245. So, it looks like I'm still right on track for my goals. Even though it's still early in the process it's good to know things are going according to plan.