Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stupid consequences of past decisions.

As I go through my (far too last minute) law school application process and think about where I want to go to school I realize all the east coast options will be freakin cold for at least a couple months.

I asked Smash about DC and she said this about the weather:

So, on average, I'd say it's unbearably cold for 1.5-2 months and then just uncomfortably cold for the rest of the winter. You will manage--we all do.

But I don't want any unbearable cold. I want a month or two of uncomfortable cold with the rest of the winter on the cool side of pleasant. I want to live in NorCal in the freakin bay area.
You know, if I had just done my work and taken school seriously and gotten a 3.7 I could go to Berkeley. Berkeley people. A 3.7 would put me at their 25th% for grade point and with my lsat at their 75th% it would put me right about in the middle of their accepted students and give me a pretty good shot.
Sure, I could possibly go to Hastings. But Hastings is in one of the most ghetto parts of SanFran and I'd be a whole lot less likely to land a good job in the area after graduation.

Maybe I should just go to Arizona State and live in Phoenix. Phoenix isn't bad, right? I wouldn't feel like I'm missing out by not being in NYC or DC right? Maybe if I keep telling myself that I'll eventually believe it.


Sherpa said...

DC cold? It depends on the winter, but I've lived out here for 6 winters now.
Most winters, we get about 2 weeks of weather where the high is in the 20s. The rest of the winter the high is in the 30-50s. The wind does make it cold, but its not "unbearable" This winter was a little colder than usual. However, I'm from Utah--and the winters out here are milder than they are here. We did get snow yesterday---but we get all of 2-6 snow/ice storms a year since I've been out here. Seriously, it isn't as bad as Smash was saying it is.

Sherpa said...

(winters are milder in DC than they are in UT)

Seriously, the winters in DC and NYC aren't miserable or unbearably bad.