Saturday, March 03, 2007

A day late...

and three points short.

I got my LSAT score last night rather than today, so although I was planning on posting about that today- I actually could have posted last night once I got it.

I did fairly well. I'm two or three points lower than where I wanted to score, but I still scored well enough that I am quite happy with the score and am pretty sure I will get in some of the places where I applied/am applying. Now I'll get to hurry and turn in a few more applications to places with March 15th deadlines and then play the waiting game to see who lets me in.

I'll make sure to tell the internet where I get in, or at least where I end up deciding to go.


stacer said...

Other than the freak weather we've had this last year, Seattle weather is actually quite mild--weirdly enough, a little milder than D.C. It's sunny and like 70 today. Nothing like California. But it rarely goes lower than freezing round here in the winter.

stacer said...

Oops, that was meant for your most recent post.