Thursday, March 29, 2007

freakin thunderstorms!

My sleep schedule being out of whack lately I went to bed extremely early last night and then got up before 4 this morning. I decided to just stay up- I got to read my scriptures, goof around on the net, and eat a delicious breakfast (steak and egg fajitas) with tons of protein (it's strange to have eaten about 90 grams before 5 am)

I thought that I'd take a couple hours to goof around on the net and wait for it to be sunny outside before I hit the street to do actual running rather than pretend running on a machine inside a building. But instead of getting sunny it's gotten thunderstormy. A nice and warm 68 degrees is kind of offset by the 20mph winds, the torrential down pouring of rain, and the lightening. (If not for the thunder and lightening I might just go anyway- I think it would be fun to jog a couple miles and then come back home and jump right into a nice hot shower)

Well... maybe I'll just play some ddr or something. I haven't done that in ages.

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