Sunday, March 11, 2007

yeah.... about that.

OK, so my going to gym for leg day thing didn't really happen till last night. So, I spent pretty much all week not in the gym. And I ate crappy. Lots of fast food, not great choices at home, and then a horrible eating extravaganza at Temezcal (pretty good local Mexican place) last night with Pancho, D-Train and The Thrill. (only D-Train actually uses that nickname- but I'm not going to use the real names of people who don't blog or who blog semi-anonymously. It does mean I have to occasionally make up stupid nicknames for people. you know, like "The Thrill")
The four of us drove to Tulsa earlier in the day so that we could pick up the piano Pancho bought on ebay. We all rode up in The Thrill's accord and then Pancho rented a U-Haul one way. The transport of said upright grand was a lot easier than expected- having four people really made it possible. Had it just been two of us it would have sucked big time. Pancho and I went back in the U-Haul and D-Train and The Thrill followed in the accord.

Anyway, long story slightly less long when we got back to Norman with everything put away and the U-Haul turned in we had to go get a big dinner to hang out/celebrate/uhm... not really sure why we had to, but we certainly had to.

Now that all those excuses are out of the way it leads me to my disappointing news that when I did go to the gym quite late at night the scale read a not so shocking 248. After losing about ten pounds I've gained almost 3 back.

New week new start. By the end of the week I want to be back at 245
I'll keep you posted.

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