Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, I'm 5 pounds shy of the fattest I've ever been.

And I do want to change. I figured that just wanting to be different is pretty nebulous and that I should make some goals. Of course, as the saying goes, goals are just wishes if they aren't written down. And I suppose putting them up for the world to see (even on a blog that I know no one reads) ups the ante a bit more.

To know where I want to go, I figured I should know where I am so I pulled the scale out of the cupboard and stepped on. (which is how I know I'm five pounds shy of the fattest I've ever been)
Yeah two hundred and sixty pounds. Two. Six. Zero.
then I got out the fat pinch caliper measurer (which I bought years ago but are almost brand new) to figure out my body fat percentage. Looks like I'm right at 35% Yeah- not just fat- but obese. I am officially obese.
But, I didn't stop there. I got the clothing tape measure out.
Neck - 17.5"
Chest - 48"
True Waist (gut measured at my belly button as opposed to on my hips where I actually wear my pants.) - 48" (if I fully inhale and stick my gut out rather than holding it in.)
Biceps (flexed) Right/Left - 15.25"/15
Thighs (quadriceps flexed) 25"/24.75"
Calves (flexed) 17"/17"

So, I know where I am (fat) so where do I want to be?
By my birthday (December 30)
Weight - 215-220
Neck - 16.5"
Chest - 46"
True Waist - 40"
Biceps - 17" each
Thighs - 26" each
Calves - 18.5" each
between now and then I want to lose 60lbs of fat and gain 15-25lbs of muscle. Have a body fat percentage of 12-14%

That means if I start Monday I'd need to lose almost a pound and a half of fat each week and gain just under half a pound of muscle. Seems do-able.
What am I going to do to actually get there? No super strict diet plan, but some changes. First- I need to stop drinking soda (which I've recently done) and drink a lot more water. I eat out all the time currently. I need to only eat out two or three times a week and only do crappy fast food once or twice a month. (and not drink soda any of those times) I definitely need to start eating breakfast (either oatmeal or an egg white omelet) much more often and just generally eating less crappy food. To gain the muscle I want I'll need a lot of low fat protein along with decent carbs. I'll start on the protein shakes Monday and start eating more lean chicken and fish.

I also have really missed going to the gym- so that's definitely on. Pancho has committed to going to the gym 3 times a week to lift with me (and he needs it more than I do) I'm going to go lift with him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I'm going to run or do some other focused cardio (occasionally I may swim)
In addition to the exercise I'll go do more sports type activities with friends- racquetball with D-Train and the Mench, some basketball, and ultimate Frisbee with the institute kids.

OK, so that's a long post. But it gives my yearly goals and some general plans for reaching them.
I think that I may eventually want to put my progress up on a sidebar like some other bloggers tracking their weight loss. I'll blog about how the first day goes on Monday- after that I'll put up progress every Friday or Saturday along with goals for the next week.