Thursday, March 01, 2007

Poriton control

I totally forgot to mention getting a kitchen scale. While grocery shopping at the Super Target I bought a kitchen scale so that I could measure portions better. I got an electric one that also has nutritional info built in (for about 1000 different foods, you can add 99 more custom foods.) You type in the code for the food you want and it tells you the weight and all the basic USDA nutritional data for that specific amount of that food. The thing that makes it really cool is storing the info into a running total so you can pretty easily get a total for a meal or for an entire day.
It's smaller than the picture makes it look, but it seems to work really well. The biggest reason for the scale was to make sure I'm getting enough protein. I know that I've been falling short of the recomended 1g-2g of protein for each pound of body weight when trying to build muscle.
So, the new toy may mean I start a more accurate food journal which may show up here from time to time.

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