Friday, March 30, 2007


yeah, I know I said I couldn't wait till May and that I didn't care about all the great music coming out over the last couple weeks and that all I care about is waiting for Bjork and Tori.

but I lied

I want to buy a whole crapton of albums
this one
and this one
oh, and also this one
& this one (for when I feel like cutting)
& this (despite the mixed reviews)
I think I want this one (it's a whole lot different than his last one, at least what I can tell from the one song I've heard. Granted that song was about 3 hours long)
I also want this (even if she does sound like she's trying too hard to chanel Sugarcubes era Bjork)
I also think I want this one.

Oh, and I almost forgot bout this, I downloaded it illicitly what seems like a year ago since it wasn't available here in the USofA- now the American version apparently has some new content. (and not only am I a sucker for new content, I feel kind of bad about having stolen it last year) Though it's not really exciting and new anymore, it is quite fun. I think it's driving with the windows and sunroof open while summer blissfully approaches type of album

All this stuff and when I stopped by Guestroom last week I bought the new K-OS album over all of them. What the hell was I thinking?

I'm too broke to buy all this stuff.
Crap- I could buy more stuff back when I worked for the man. Maybe I should call him up and see if he needs a shill.

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digitalGoobie said...

~Laughs~ You know what's funny?! I was just looking at the pathetic state of my accounts.. and wondering how I was going to pay for all the bills that are coming in in the next month... and yet, in the back of my mind I'm wondering if I can continue buying my specialty coffees and all the new clothes that I kinda need.. but I suppose I could go on looking like a grub for awhile longer... agh, I feel your pain!