Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

Did everyone else like it?
I certainly did- though it is strange to finish a Harry Potter book and not be looking forward to reading the next one.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

holdin steady

I didn't blog after going to the gym on Monday (my first time there in nearly a week)

I was surprised I hadn't gained weight and was still holding steady at 240, especially after going out to eat with friends and eating my favorite food three times in the preceding week.

Somehow though, I feel fatter even though I haven't gained weight. Maybe I've lost a little muscle- hard to really say. I've had OK days at the gym but I've really been eating horribly. I think part of my not wanting to cook anything is related to a more general not wanting to do anything. I'm doing stuff that needs to get done on the house- but not really much else.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Throw Me a Curve

While I was painting one of the bedrooms the other night itunes shuffling of songs kept me from being too bored. When the Go-Go's "Throw Me A Curve" started coming out of my speakers (yes, I bought the Go-Go's 2001 album God Bless the Go-Go's, you can laugh if you want- but it's fantastic) it made me smile even though it's far, far from being the best track on the album.
Cheesy as it may be, it made me think of some fellow bloggers, many of whom are trying to lose some weight/get in shape and seem to have very realistic expectations.

I'm glad my sister Jen has decided to adjust her original goal and recognize that 140 pounds would be way to thin for her (since she's 5'11") and that she can be both healthy and a little bit curvy. You should check out her site and throw some positive encouragement her way.
Chloe had a great (slightly long winded, but not at all self indulgant) post on Thursday about struggling against an all or nothing mindset, not just in weight loss/fitness but in all of life.
Andrew had a great post a couple of weeks ago on the frustration over weight people face because of the perceptions of others.
ErinAnnie has had a great week, including success with her Alli and diet plan. (but seriously Erin, how did you never try Salmon before? That's crazy! I'm glad you like it, its one of my favorite foods.)
Amelia frequently provides quality posts, and her few words on fatness certainly add to that quality.

Oh, and if you want to listen to Belinda Carlisle sing about NOT being a size zero you can totally just click on play.

The Go-Go's: Throw Me a Curve