Friday, March 23, 2007


I haven't been consistent in going to the gym - Pancho not wanting to go, my little brother being in town, and lots of other little excuses have kept me away. I have been eating less, but not necessarily better. So, going to the gym today I knew I'd lost weight but doubted that all of it was fat.

I really need to strengthen my lower back, because it's holding me back on leg days. Even when I'm using proper form as much as possible it seems I make my lower back sore when doing enough to really work my legs. (Plus, I still have trouble going low enough in a squat without bending forward too much.) Squats and deadlifts I feel it in my lower back. I switched from deadlifts to just doing the hamstring leg extension machine- and it worked out fairly well. About halfway through my sets my legs felt really good.
I feel like my calves have gotten weaker and if I have lost muscle some of it is from my calves. I need to not just eat less but watch my diet better to get enough protein, and then I need to be more consistent at heading to the gym.

I went to target post workout (being nasty and sweaty wasn't too bit a deal since it was still well before 9 and hardly any one was there- but I still felt like maybe I should just wait until I wasn't gross to go) and got a few things including some cheap steaks (which will make a very nice friday afternoon spring break lunch) and a chefmate crockpot which I'm going to use to bake some no knead bread. (I'm not cutting out carbs too much, just trying to eat good protein and veggies along with the carbs) I'll try to take some pictures to show how it turned out (since I think I'm the last person in the blogosphere to try the no knead bread, I doubt anyone really cares.)

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