Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm so freakin patriotic, and I didn't even know it.

I didn't go to church today, instead I went to the urgent care facility to get all shot up with steroids. Why did I do this? Because on Thursday some poison plant decide to attack me- which meant I swelled up more and more since then. This mornint I couldn't open my right eye and I felt like what I imagine a pile of dog crap feels like.
So, I got the shot, got a prescription and went home.
Side effects of said shot and prescription include an increased appetite, so I ate a whole bunch today. That combined with not going to the gym for nearly a week means I've got to do better tomorrow. I've stayed right under 240, which is god but I should be much further along than this.

Good news- it seems to be working. I still look like a monster, but at least I can open my right eye all the way. I really should have taken a picture before the swelling went down.

The swelling going down is nice, but the best part was that as I was getting naked this evening so that I could shower I realized there was a bandaid on my ass. Makes sense, that's where I got the shot. But, you know what the amazing part was? It was an American flag bandaid. I guess they took me for a loyal Bushie. Either that, or a passionate hippy in opposition to our government's policies. It really seems those are the only two groups that ever wear an american flag on their bodies at or bellow the waistline.

How did I not know about these bandaids before? Why would I ever use any other bandaid if it is possible to display my patriotism (despite not being a loyal Bushie) every time I have a wound. I think that I would take a cue from Left Eye and company, or even Nelly and wear them as fashion statements even when I didn't have an injury that required them.

As I got in the shower thinking of the American flag that was previously on my derrière and I somehow got "The Babysitter's Here" by Dar Williams stuck in my head. The king of romance wore an American flag on the seat of his pants, but I think in the end he was kind of a butt-head, so I'm still not sure about the company I keep.
Regardless, I figured I should share some Dar, Babysitter first, and then Christians and the Pagans (which isn't really a video, just the song with a lovely nature pentagram background) I certainly hope you enjoy them as much as I just did.

Babysitter's Here

Christians and the Pagans


Sherpa said...

I had forgotten about that line of Dar Williams until reading this post. Dar brings back good memories. Hey, there's really few other bandaids that would be cooler on a butt than an american flag.

Krispy said...

If there's an American Flag band-aid on your ass, is it disrespectful to sit?

Mike said...

See, that's part of why I think it's mostly hippies that have the flag on their disrespectful asses.

Loyal Bushies have them on their belt buckles.