Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm trying to blog more on the regular- I think it will keep me more accountable in weight loss terms- though when I'm crappy I don't really want to blog. I've had good days in the gym- but not been good when it comes to food.

Tuesday night I went to Hideaway Pizza with a group of friends. It was great. But see, the thing about hideaway on Tuesday nights is they just keep bringing you pizza, you have to eat it... right?

Then last night we did a little pot luck thing at my house. Robert's enchilada casserole was amazing. Seriously, it was great.

But- I couldn't sleep last night. I don't know if someone put some crack or msg in their potluck dish or something- so I didn't get to sleep till well after 3 am. So, I didn't get up early today and go to the gym and I took a nap in the afternoon as well.

I'm not going to go to the gym tonight- I'm going to paint my bathroom. (or finish painting it actually.)

And little sister, if you're still reading this I am still of the opinion that you should totally get a blog.


Anonymous said...

Brother... I am going to try... I am just kinda dumb when it comes to blog stuff... I have a blog... but like I said... I am nott to smart!!1

Anonymous said...
Here is my blog! love you!

Chloe Elizabeth said...

Yeah, none of us want to blog the crappy stuff...but I think it helps. And thanks for the compliment on the new hair. Something about compliments from boys (men, whatever) is just better than ones from girls. :-)