Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hey fatty, you can't wear that anymore

Well- though I've lost some weight and some clothes are now big or fit me well, I'm still a great big fat guy and there's stuff I haven't worn in ages that is still too small.

So, this morning I packed up winter clothes and clothes that are to small to make my closet a little less crowded.

I've had good days at the gym- but I'm not getting the muscle growth I want and it's because my diet sucks- not enough lean protein and too much crap. The next few weeks I'm going to step up my diet since my mom will be in town and I'll be more motivated to cook since it won't be just for me- thus less quick junk food.

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Chloe Elizabeth said...

Getting rid of the "skinny" clothes is the worst, but it's seriously cathartic...because really, you'll get there, but you won't want to wear those clothes anyway.

I wish I could find some good tricks for traveling. If you come up with something, let me know.