Monday, June 25, 2007

even when I'm trying to eat healthy...

This meal that I ate earlier this week:

was 13 weight watchers points. I have no idea how many I'm supposed to have for a day since I'm not doing weight watchers, but it seems 13 points is a lot for one meal. It especially seems like a lot for one meal of chicken and pasta and veggies. I suppose it was a whole lot of chicken and pasta and veggies, (and about 70 grams of protein) so it makes sense. I also used a bit of butter in cooking it and I can cut that out to make a big difference. I'll figure out a good recipe and then post it and the points.


Allred Family said...

Hey, That looks reayy good! 13 p-oints is kinda a lot for a meal... but I would eat about 1/2 of it and be full... so it is really like 6.5 points for me if I was going to have that for a meal... and that is not too bad.
If you were doing WW you would have 28 points with you weight now. As you loose weight you also loose points... that is how you loose weight. every 25lbs you do go down 2 points. One someone is under 150lbs they have 20 points. You also have 35 weekly bonus points and work out points. You can have more things by working out, or using your bonus points. If someone wants to hae a 16 point meal... they can, but they have to use bonus points for it, or you need to eat veggies for the rest of the day. you choose

noelle f. said...

13 isn't too bad for one meal...considering when I was on WW I was able to have around 30 points per day.

It did look good though!