Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spicy Shrink Yer Butt Salad

Not Martha recently posted a link to a Spicy-Shrink-Yer-Butt Salad recipe over at SundryBuzz.

Really, the last thing I need to do is shrink my butt since I barely have a butt anyway. However, if I have to shrink my butt to also lose my gut, so be it.

This really isn't a bad salad at all. If you haven't thought before to add beans to your salad to make a meal of it, you really should. Miss Sundry likes small white beans with this salad- I say that's absurd. Go with black beans and chili beans/red beans. I use one can of each to go with my bag of pre-washed salad mix. The combo of those and the salsa basically means you are eating chili. But it's a chilly chili instead of being hot, which is great for summer. I don't use salad oil or vinegar- the lime juice and salsa really mean you don't need any other dressing at all. Just be sure to go easy on the salsa a little really does go a long way.

One big tip she doesn't mention- rinse the beans and the corn. Especially black beans. Put them in the strainer and make sure they are really well rinsed before mixing them in with your salad. With chili beans you don't have to rinse them if you get the spicy kind and you're wanting that chili powder sauce stuff on the salad to make it more like chili- but I'd still give them a light rinse or at least drain them. If you don't rinse the beans and just mix a can of beans with your salad it will be gross. Really

As for Sundry's statement that you'll feel like you're cheating? Complete and utter bullshit. I feel like I'm eating a salad because it's an f-ing salad, I certainly don't feel like I'm cheating. But it's ok because I really don't have to feel like I'm cheating. I feel like I'm being good- but I don't really feel mad or ripped off.

Oh, and as for using chicken or shrimp as your protein with this meal they're just fine but pale in comparison to citrus/chili crusted grilled salmon. Yes, the salmon is higher in fat. But they're good fats, right? A piece of Salmon should be about 300 or 400 calories and 20grams of fat, so that would put it at about 9 or 10 WW points which is a pretty big indulgence. It is, however, an indulgence with 40 grams of protein.

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Allred Family said...

in the WW book it says that for a 6oz peice of salom is 7 points. Not too bad for a great food. It is yummy, and great for you!