Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It wasn't a bad workout

It wasn't great either.

Pancho's back in town but he's bailed on going to work out. Since he was my ride I didn't go Monday or yesterday. Boo. Today I finally got my car back with a shiny new transmission that actually works. So, today I went and lifted on my own and it wasn't too bad- I've probably had worse workouts but I've certainly had better.
I'm going to start taking a notebook to more closely track what I'm lifting and then set goals before I go- I think it will help me focus.

Oh, the weight is 238.5 which is just a bit less than last time, but I seem to fluctuate pretty much between 238 and 242 and it's been that way for over a month now. I know that I need to eat better and do more cardio if I'm going to move on from this plateau.


Allred Family said...

When you move home, mom and dad have a heart rate monitor, you can use it and that may help with cardo. It is also nice to have some work-out things at home, because if you can not get to the gym you can at least do something. I love their bike... I want one just like it at my house! Glad you got your car back!

chloe elizabeth said...

plateaus suck!

Allred Family said...

How was 'Merican night? did you eat good??