Friday, June 15, 2007


You ever have one of hose dreams that seems completely normal until you wake up and then it's just totally weird?

I woke up at 6:09 from this dream where I was in Mexico at some bar/restaurant outside on a patio with some other people who were obviously Americans but who I met there in Mexico. Some of them bought me drinks so I had to give them to other people at the table. Some kids were coming and going from the table and tried to drink some of the drinks but thought they were gross and wanted to know why they weren't good like the paletas.
It was mostly college age (or a little older) guys at the table, but it was a mix of people and who was there seemed to kind of fluctuate. There were people walking around and kind of dancing on the patio as well. Then some women who were apparently American tourists as well but looked like bald trolls came and were dancing and hanging out on the patio. They looked kind of like the giant disgusting guy with swords for arms in the 300, except they were about four foot six and didn't have swords for arms. I think one of them did have 6 or eight breasts instead of two and was wearing bikinis or something that made it apparent. Instead of being shocked by the strange troll people it was just more of a "man those women are ugly" type of response in my head. It inspired one of the guys at the table to say it was time to cut off the drinks and head on out- otherwise who knows who they might go home with. I wanted to pitch in some money to pay - people were just putting cash on the table, mostly American dollars. In my wallet I just had 20s in American dollars and I didnt want to pay that much, but I also had pesos. I saw with frustration that I only had 200 peso bills to go along with the 20s- since all I drank was some juice or something and I didn't get any beer I didn't really want to pay that much. I gave a 200 peso bill to one of the guys anyway (strangely it was pink like 50 peso bills rather than 200 peso bills) and he just gave it to the waitress along with some other money (the waitress strangely happened to be an American girl with kind of blonde curly hair- and in my dream this seemed stranger than the troll women)

Yeah- it must have been the paint fumes from the bathroom because I have no idea where that came from. I guess the lesson learned is that if I get to go to Mexico again I need to remember to carry smaller bills so that I can easily pay for small meals or drinks.

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