Thursday, April 19, 2007

well damn...

Well, if you look to the left, to the left (all of my shame in a box to the left) you can see that I have gained just a bit more than the 5 pounds I predicted in my couple of weeks off- because not only did i not go to the gym during said time- I ate horribly. It was as though I consciously fell off the wagon and did the whole "well, I'll be better next week" thing to justify eating horrible food, and lots of it.

Having most of a week spent in a hotel and eating out all the time didn't help- but I usually did the big eating out thing and/or ate crappy food. No salad for me- unless of course the salad was just a precursor to much more horrible food.
OK, I'm back though. Frank won't be joining me in the gym till Monday- and this morning's workout made me feel like I was going to vomit. I lift a lot more doing the super squat machine I do with actual squats. (a lot more still being relative in that it's still less than 300 pounds- but my heavy set with actual squats is less than 200 so 270 seemed like a lot when I looked at the plates loaded onto the bar) I felt like I could do more weight because I didn't have the muscle strain "I'm going to fall over" type of feeling that you get when you are lifting those last few reps but afterwards I realized I really had exerted myself and felt pretty beat. Which of course made it hard to move on to other exercises afterward.

I still have no endurance- so running tomorrow should be fun. It is getting nicer out- but I think I may just do the treadmill anyway since I've got some sinus stuff going on and I hates my allergies when I run outside.

OK, so new goal: be back under 240 by the end of next week, and down to 235 by the 12th of May. That's real doable. It means I need a caloric deficit of about 1700 calories a day. While that probably seems huge to most normal people- it isn't that big a deal when you are a giant fat man like I am.
Using the BMR Formula, it seems my base metabolic rate has me burning 2335 calories a day. Using the Harris Benedict equation
I can then find out how many calories I burn at different activity levels. So, if I am very sedentary then I should be burning about 2800 calories a day. If I were to be extremely active (hard training twice a day) then my daily caloric burn would be just a smidge under 4450. That is highly unlikely- but with moderate exercise 3-5 days a week I'd average 3600 calories burned a day. Which means if I can just keep my daily calories around 2000 I should reach my goal. (although were I to step it up and work out like crazy I could be at 230 by the 12th instead of 235)

Really, I also know that I need to take into account the decreased base metabolic rate as I lose weight and that I will burn less calories. I still think that keeping at 2000 calories a day should be fine- I will probably train a bit harder than "moderate" exercise but not quite as crazy hard as full on twice a day. (honestly, if you aren't an athlete on a team training for a new season, two a day training just seems like a symptom of anorexia. While I'm in no danger of eminent starvation I don't want to get into habits that could become unhealthy in the future. I may occasionally do more exercise than once a day- but it will only be if I'm doing something like playing ball with friends as a leisure activity on top of going to the gym)


thrilled said...

Glad you're back fighting this fight. I'm sure those pesky pounds will be gone in no time.

Ninny Beth said...

man, i know. i hear. i do... rock it.