Monday, April 09, 2007


I have a bit of a man crush on:

My roommate Judd finds Brown's show Good Eats to be extremely annoying. I do agree that it is often over the top and/or stupid, but I enjoy it thoroughly nonetheless. I also think he's quite good hosting and doing the play by play for Iron Chef America.

Since being introduced to the blogging world a few years ago I have had a number of different blog crushes, but the most recent blogcrush is most definitely Amelia. If you don't read her blog, you should certainly go check it out.


Sherpa said...

I like Alton Brown, and I think his show is one of the few cool shows on the Food Network but a mancrush on him? I don't see it. Of course, the one show on there I'll always stop and watch is Barefoot Contessa--so, who am I to judge. (I have a crush on her kitchen).

amelia said...

a blog crush, huh? i'd never heard of/conceived of it in those terms and here i read about it for the first time and am the object of it. :)

glad you enjoy my blog. it's nice to know there are people who actually read what i'm writing.

Chloe Elizabeth said...

There's something extremely attractive about a man who can cook and explain the science behind. I can see the mancrush and I applaud you for sharing!

Ninny Beth said...

I suppose this means I am ousted, huh mike???? What, I move to korea and you just stop loving me like that? Is it the fact that I've almost eaten meal worms? Or that I now have shrimp legs in my teeth? can we still be friends?