Wednesday, April 04, 2007

fatter and slower

I "ran" 2 miles today in about 27 minutes. 3 minutes more to do the same distance as last time. The course was a bit different today, but one I thought was easier. I suppose my last run may have been a bit shorter than two miles. Today I felt crappier. I don't know if it was giving blood monday night, or just it being kind of windy today, but I kinda sucked. I spent more time walking, and the walking wasn't as fast.

Halfway through the second mile I sprinted for about 100 yards and it absolutely killed me. I was barely walking straight after that let alone walking quickly.

All that said, I do want to apologize for whining about my lack of progress when really I've been doing fairly well, especially considering how minimal my changes have been. I saw this commercial and thought it was funny since I've definitely known couples who go through this same thing. And really, I'm kind of that guy. I quit drinking soda, increased my lean protein intake, and started lifting sporadically and lost 15 pounds in a month and a half. I'm not a big fan of diet pills- though I won't criticize those who feel that they help as part of a diet and exercise plan- I just think too many people look at them as a magic bullet. If you haven't seen the commercial check it out.


stacer said...

I started working out again yesterday for the first time in about 3 or 4 months. Turns out that moving away from my old apartment--and the 5 or 6 smoker neighbors--has done wonders, wonders I tell you, for the migraines and asthma I've been having such trouble with. It's amazing. I kept my apartment locked up tight but the effect of the smoke seeping in was so gradual I never realized that it was that that was the problem.

So now I feel so much better, I'm off to do a half hour on the elliptical--I did 20 minutes yesterday *and* 20 minutes walking/running on the treadmill and just feel slightly sore today, and more energized than anything!

My whole point is, even if it's not much (I'm not doing much either), something is better than nothing, and I empathize with how good it makes you feel to even be able to do *something*!

thrilled said...

No need to apologize for whining. You want to get healthier and fitter, and that's a good thing. But definitely be proud of how far you've come too. See? You get to have it both ways. What could be better?