Thursday, April 19, 2007

all apologies

Oh, and to anyone who does read my blog- I'm sorry for the long and boring posts.

I personally am a fan of the funny. I don't mind less than funny posts on other blogs when they aren't novel length. I don't mind novel length posts if they are funny. But man, it seems I'm combining the worst of both worlds.

So- maybe when I'm less focused on how fat I am there will be some funny. Until that time, look at this as a bitching about my diet blog and read at your own risk.

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gb said...

Oh man my memory is hazy... Long Gully was North Bendigo, right? If so, yes. I do recall watching a 5-6 year old aboriginal kid drinking a VB and all the trouble I got myself in in that area... haha.

Steph Rechter was king of the congregation in my 6 months there. Love that guy... and I've completely lost contact with the family, sadly. Hell, I've lost contact with pretty much everyone over there (aside from the random odd emails from Morales, and running into Mike Gross at shows), member or missionary.

(and since it's 6am, I should stop working and try and sleep... I'm awesome)