Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Workin out

Well, to update I've done well lifting but haven't gone on a couple of cardio days. Pancho has gone to lift with me once and we're going again tonight rather than this morning.

I lost some weight and then gained some back. I'd love to say I'm gaining muscle and that's all that's going on- but I'm certain it isn't. I feel a bit stronger after a week and a half of lifting but I don't think I've really gained much muscle yet. I'll re-measure after a month to see.

As for the weight loss then gain I have had a couple of crappy eating days going out for mexican food with friends. I think that I am about a pound lighter than when I weighed myself but it really is hard to tell with the crappy bathroom scale here at the house- it really isn't very precise. I need to start weighing myself at the gym, at least once a week. I'll hop on and see tonight or tomorrow.

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