Thursday, February 22, 2007


Tonight (or, I guess this morning) was leg day. My legs feel great but I know they will hurt tomorrow.
Pancho working this schedule this week is a bit crap- but it actually is nice to have the gym pretty much to ourselves when we go at night. Not sure whether we are going to lift on Friday before he has to work or after he gets done. Morning makes a better schedule for the rest of the crap I have to do, but night's not too bad and I can sleep in during the time where I would have been at the gym in the morning.

Now, for the kind of good news. The scale at the gym says I weigh 247. That doesn't actually mean I've lost 13 pounds- I was using a different scale before- one that seems inacurate (if the one at the gym is accurate) but also does say I've lost at least a couple of pounds. It's just the bathroom scale we've got is so non-precise that it is hard to tell if I've lost 1 pound or five. Despite my starting weight probably being lighter than the just over 260 that the bathroom scale showed I'm going to stick with the original goals and look to be somewhere between 190 and 230 by the end of the year but at about 12% body fat instead of 35% body fat.

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