Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Felt kind of crappy in the gym this morning, overall I was fine but not really lifting as much as I wanted to.
The gym's scale said I'm down to 245.5 which surprised me because I was almost certain I'd gained some weight back. I suppose I haven't been eating too poorly and have kept off the crack (dr. pepper and coca-cola) but I haven't been too consistent in doing cardio. I know I could pretty safely create a bigger caloric deficiet than I do now. I really ought to find something I can do at home in the evenings- maybe start playing DDR or get some sort of cheesy exercise video. I was thinking of a Katamibar based on Meta's endorsement. It seems like a cardio program that includes some core strengthening might be good (and let me skip on core when I do leg days.) But, I checked out the website and it's about twice what I expected (or am willing) to pay. If anyone does read this, and has recomendation for home cardio videos I certainly am open to recomendations.

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Rachel said...

I LOVE Dance Dance Revolution. It's a fun workout that you actually enjoy doing--the time absolutely flies by, and it's not uncommon for an hour or two to pass in the blink of an eye. The only downside? It's more fun with a partner. Going it alone just isn't as satisfying.