Monday, August 13, 2007

Holy Crap, I'm a fatty!

Yeah, so a large part of not blogging here on what has turned into my weight loss blog is that I haven't been doing anything to facilitate said weight loss, and as a result I'm still a great big giant fat person.

A few months ago I bought some new running shoes to replace my somewhat trashed mizunos which hadn't been used for running in ages. I was going to get another pair of the same model, but they didn't make that model anymore. I had liked the mizunos, but I also wanted something just a bit softer and more comfortable, but hopefully with the same support. I figured I'd try to find a cushioning shoe from another brand that was softer or more cushiony feeling. I have normal to high arches and don't over pronate so I don't need some sort of heavy duty motion control from my shoes, so I looked for reviews of neutral/cushioning shoes that said they were good for big runners. The asics nimbus 7 looked like it would fit the bill, and with the new model coming out I got them for about 70 bucks. ($50 under their original list price)

The only problem- was big runners obviously didn't mean me. The shoes seemed supportive, they were exceptionally comfortable to put on and walk around in. I knew right away they weren't providing the support of the mizunos- but I figured that would be fine since feet don't roll too much. Aww man- the gel may be comfy but I bottom those shoes out with my heel strike. After less than a quarter mile my knees and my back hurt. A lot. My knees alone wouldn't have been a big deal- but my back kept me from wanting to run any more after the first mile.

So, I switched to just doing the bike and the elliptical machine instead of running for a little while. (and shortly after that when my mom came to town I switched to doing pretty much nothing) I bought another new pair of running shoes- the nike structure triax 10. A support (but not motion control) shoe. It's softer in some regards than my mizunos- but is also bigger and more substantial than they were. They don't have quite the support that the mizunos did and have more cushioning- but they aren't going to bottom out like my asics. I figure if I lose enough weight I can rotate between the two pairs, till them I'll just use the nikes.

What I learned today while running:
1. I need to go earlier- trying to do a lunchbreak run at 11:30 is stupid. Even if it's a few hours from hitting the high temperature, it's still freakin hot. I could try to go late at night, but even now that it's almost 9 it's still 95 degrees out.
2. I am in way worse shape than I thought
3. Though my new shoes keep my knees from hurting, as big as I am I'm not going to get out of having my back hurt a little bit later in the day. (At least it didn't really hurt while running)
And really, I didn't actually "run" two miles- I walked most of the second mile, alternating between jogging and walking- but by that point just starting to jog a little bit got my heart rate up pretty fast.

I need to be much more patient. I know I'm in really bad shape, so I shouldn't be bothered by the fact that I can't run yet or even keep up a jog for all that long. I'll just keep trying to run and maybe eventually I'll be able to.


steph said...

That sucks! I love my air conditioning enough that I have a walking/running DVD that I pop in the machine and aerobicide to.

chloe elizabeth said...

Have you tried Pearl Izumis? I have a pair of them and they are so great for cushioning and I'm pretty sure they are neutral. It's like running on supportive pillows. The only problem is they aren't very well ventilated...which would make your heat dilemma even worse.

Jenny said...

It is so hard to not be a fatty around mom. Maybe it is something about the comfort she provides that make us want to eat crap, and not work out. I have not been working out too much... becaue it is super hot here too, and I am not going back to the gym until school starts, and there will be a lot less kids there. I am so cheep, and I do not have the money to spend on me. Maybe if you sponsored my kids I could buy cool shoes too...

Bione said...

I have one on here too. But like every other blog I have - I don't use it. Feel free to check it out though. I really only have a blogspot to appease on of my friends and I only used to put up some of my writings and should probably delete my account. Ramble much? Me? Nah...

Oh yeah -

chloe elizabeth said...

I'm taking you up on the offer to check schools. Rather than post my questions on here, though, can you email me? And then I'll send my questions about schools. Thanks so much for the offer!