Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My weight is like a roller coaster

Well- not really so much. Basically I'm at the same place I've been for weeks and weeks (months?)
Just a smidge under 239

Pancho gained 5 pounds- but last night was his first time at the gym in over 2 weeks. (I'd been in that time but not as consistently as I should have been going)

I'm glad I'm not gaining weight back. I'm trying not to eat too crappy- but I'm certainly not eating really well either.

I'll keep you updated on the weight loss (or stagnation) and try to look at the internet as my accountabilabudy since Pancho isn't quite enough of one. Most of my original year end goals are still doable- but they'll be tough. I don't think I'll have all the upper body muscle gain I had originally wanted (though lower body shouldn't be a problem) so I may readjust those goals again. My arms look and feel like they are bigger- but they aren't really much bigger at all they're just starting to look a bit more toned.

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Chloe Elizabeth said...

I love that...acountabilibudy!