Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weight loss blog

Well, dangerously lazy is pretty much purely a weight loss blog now, which I think is good. I do need to post more regularly if the interweb is to truly be my accountabilabuddy. I haven't blogged about much else lately- though I've had lots of things I could blog about and didn't want to or things I wanted to blog about and didn't. Everything from finding out my license was suspended when I got pulled over a couple weeks ago to what's going on out in the blogosphere. I'm sure I'll still blog about non-fitness related things, but they won't make up the bulk of the blog.

But, as weight loss goes my most recent weigh in on Monday night still has me right at 240, which is fine since it was my first weigh in or work out since the weekend roadtrip and wedding. I usually eat fairly poorly while traveling, and the trip made me miss a couple workouts.

I haven't eaten extremely well since the road trip either; I've been doing lots of the "I'm leaving town" dinners with friends or "I'm in town just for a couple days" dinners with old friends I haven't seen in ages. (really I shouldn't let that get in the way at all, I can make healthier choices when eating out.) I'll see tonight whether it's had too much of a negative impact.


Vanilla Vice said...

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Sue said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.