Wednesday, September 05, 2007

goals, what goals?

OK, as I've been bad about tracking progress (and thus making any progress) I've kind of ignored my original goals. (Which is bad)

I need to refigure what I want by the end of the year. I'm still at the just under 240 mark where I've been for months- but hadn't measured my body fat since I first started. My parents have a scale that measures body fat through electrical impedance- which isn't super accurate but is typically pretty good. It will vary by a small amount depending on how well hydrated you are so it's best to take it under similar conditions etc.

But, yesterday I used the scale and I'm just under 30% bodyfat- which means... I'm still a fatty. But, that is down from 35%. 25% is considered obese for men (meaning overweight to a level that may harm your health) although some groups set the number at 30% (with 25% being borderline/overweight and 30% clinically obese)

So- I'll re-evaluate my goals soon, but right now that I want to get below 25% by the end of the year.
Continuing the daily exercise I've started back into again would be the first step, along with once again trying to eat a whole lot better.

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kristen said...

At least you're down 5%. That's progress, right?

Losing weight takes so much discipline and self-control. Just keep plugging....I'm sure it will pay off.