Thursday, July 19, 2007

holdin steady

I didn't blog after going to the gym on Monday (my first time there in nearly a week)

I was surprised I hadn't gained weight and was still holding steady at 240, especially after going out to eat with friends and eating my favorite food three times in the preceding week.

Somehow though, I feel fatter even though I haven't gained weight. Maybe I've lost a little muscle- hard to really say. I've had OK days at the gym but I've really been eating horribly. I think part of my not wanting to cook anything is related to a more general not wanting to do anything. I'm doing stuff that needs to get done on the house- but not really much else.


chloe elizabeth said...

I hate feeling fatter even when I'm not. It sucks! Oh, those darn favorite foods...they kill me.

Allred Family said...

I made Chicken Pie last night... I love it, but it is not super good for you... with all of the fat from the crust. It was so yummy though!

Anne said...

I read your comment on Erin's blog about foot cramps, and felt like responding. When I started running I got lots of cramps. I'd get them when I was running and I'd get them when I would think about running. However, as the months passed, so have the cramps (for the most part anyway). I think that as we put our body through strange new things it reacts, and sometimes violently, in an effort to resist the change. When we keep doing it, our body realizes it isn't so bad afterall and finally gives up on it's attack.

So hang in there. I think the cramps will eventually go away, but in the meantime, bananas should help. As will ibuprofen and hot packs!